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Q: Do you have recommended settings?

A: We give examples of settings we tested along with their corresponding results in the PDF file. Those settings were the result of walk-forward and out-of-sample optimization.  As always we recommend first reading the entire PDF file and also trading in a DEMO account to become familiar with the system.


Q: Stop loss and Drawdown?

A: Both profit targets and stop losses outlined in the included examples are generally between 20-120 pips.


Q: Any live trading records?

A: We currently do not provide live trading records however the system was backtested over tens of thousands of trades using walk-forward and out-of-sample optimization



Q: Times to be set are my local time or the computer time?

A: Any times should correspond to the chart time.  Your local timezone is completely irrelevant.


Q: In the PDF File you give examples of certain pairs that should be Traded Between 12:00am and 1:00am (New York Time) is that 1Hour or 13Hours?

A: 1 Hour, between 12am and 1am.  Keep in mind that if trading several pairs at the same time there will be plenty of trades.


How to calculate the right start time:

1) Determine broker time
Look at the MT4 terminal (during live trading hours, not on the weekend when trading is not in session) and check the Market Watch time. Doing so, we discover that the current time is 15:30 (for example). That means it is 3:30pm on your MT4 platform.

2) Get your own current time
Then, we must check the current time in our own timezone. For example, your clock on the wall says 8:30am

3) Calculate how many hours you are behind/ahead of your broker
Subtract Step 2 from Step 1…for our example, its 15:30 – 8:30 = 7hrs

4) Determine how many hours you are behind NY time
Let’s say we’re in Chicago, so that is 1 hour behind NY time.

5) Calculate the offset
So take your 7hrs (Step 3) and subtract the 1 hour calculated above (Step 4). Leaving 6hrs. This means your broker is 6hrs ahead of NY time. Keep this number in your memory…the offset is 6 hours.

6) Add the offset to the PDF time
If the PDF says you should start the EA at 11am NY time, then you find your final result by adding 6hrs to 11am. In this example, 17:00 is your final result. Therefore, to start the EA at 11am (NY time), you must configure the EA to start at 17:00 (the broker time that equates to 11:00 NY time). You should set your Start parameters for 17 and 0.



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